How do I change or remove the automatic session duration timer?

Open the settings by tapping the top most button in the map overlay menu and then tapping the middle tab. In the timer section of the settings you can change the default session timer from 'Off' to 120 minutes.

How do I remove sessions from the app

Just open the session selection menu by tapping the arrow symbol in the map overlay menu. Now you can remove the session by swiping on it to the left. A delete button appears.

How do I remove an entry from the sharing target menu?

This works like the removal of sessions but in the sharing target menu. Open the menu by swiping up then swipe on the entry to the left. A delete button appears.


Why do Shareloc links from friends open in Safari and not inside the app?

If you open a Shareloc link on a smartphone where the corresponding app is installed the remote session should automatically open inside the app. There can be multiple reasons if that behaviour is broken. Try the following steps:

  • Open the Shareloc link in the Safari browser on the smartphone and drag down on the website header. In some cases a row appears above the header, where you can select "Open in Shareloc". If thats the case and you tap on that row, you jump into Shareloc and universal links, thats how apple calls that feature, should work again from now on.
  • If the first step didn't work for you, there is a good chance that deleting the Shareloc app and reinstalling it will fix the issue. If not, let me know via the contact form.

My battery life is bad when using Shareloc

Increased battery drain is a known side effect when using highly accurate GPS location tracking. But there a two features that should prevent your device of running out of battery while sharing your location. First the accuracy of location tracking, which is directly translateable to battery drain, is reduced if your device is switching to "low power mode". Second you can set a timer for your current sharing session, so it automatically stops in the background.

The shared location is not correct / accurate

Your location is determined by combining the location data from cellular towers, WiFi and GPS. Whereat the latest is creating the most accurate data. If WiFi services are disabled on the smartphone the accuracy of gathered location data is lowered. In certain environments, especially indoors, GPS reception can be bad or lost, so the smartphone can only determine its current location with dramatically lower accuracy.

Location updates do not work in the browser

A few "older" web browsers, especially on Android devices, do not support websockets correctly. Websockets is a widespread technology allowing us to show location updates from friends almost immediately. Just open the link in a modern web browser and you should be fine.