Release Party

Shareloc is finally publicly available on the iOS App Store! So if you are interested, go and get it! Really, it's free!

It's been a long way and I want to thank my beta testers for the help. I learned a lot and am already looking forward on working on the next release (little spoiler: it will be all about design and polishing the details).

If you like the app I would really appreciate a rating or review in the App Store. I would also be thrilled if you spread the word and tell your family and friends (and everybody else) about Shareloc.

Update 27.06.2017: I also wrote a blog post on my private blog where I talk about the "why" and "how" behind Shareloc.

Shareloc Enters Beta Phase

Finally. It's been a long time since the first idea and concept to the current version of Shareloc. As the app has been testet in a small user group for about half a year I feel confident to open it to a larger user base and collect feedback.
This step also forces me to push the app in the more release ready state. As motivation is always a critical issue in side projects this helped me a lot getting things done.
June 2017
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